Circle Propeller Kung Fu

The zero one method

The system developed by Rambo Kong is called circle propeller kung fu and consists of 13 techiques that can be combined indefinetely. These 13 techniques teach you highly effective combat movements with a high focus on practical use in close combat situations.

Kong, who had studied martial arts for all his life, has developed this style to make selfdefense and close range combat more easy and accessible for everyone.

Together with actor Daniel Whyte, Rambo Kong developed a DVD, to bring this knowledge to a bigger audience. His techniques and his explaination of his style are all included on his DVDs.

The content of the DVDs is part of the online course, which we provide here on this platform.

All of these techniques are shown in this online course. This online program is designed for your progression and maximum efficiency in selfdefense.

Circle Propeller Brotherhood

The circle propeller kung fu masters

Kong taught his system to many students in Hong Kong. Three of his students were announced to teach his system to spread it around the world.

His student from Australia, Daniel Whyte, produced a double DVD in Hong Kong together with Rambo Kong.

A few years later two more students from Europe joined the team, ready to promote his style in and around Germany.

Sifu Peter Graun, leader of germanys Wing Chun Zentrum Deutschland and Sifu Marc Adenaw immediately started teaching his style in their schools and produced online courses.

In this online program all these masters of the circle propeller style join forces to deliver a very unique experience in selfdefense and close range combat.

The circle propeller kung fu brothers from left to right:
Daniel Whyte, Kong Kwok Keung, Peter Graun, Marc Adenaw

Circle Propeller The Zero One Method 13 Techniques of Effective Selfdefense

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